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Name:Aiden Lewis
Birthdate:Dec 31
Location:New York City, New York, United States of America
Website:Dream Like New York
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Aiden James Lewis was born in Vancouver, Canada to school teachers Leonie and Walter Lewis and has one older sister, Paige, four years his senior. His younger life was growing up in a typical nuclear family in a nice neighbourhood with lots of friends. Aiden was always popular and would talk anyone’s ears off who would listen. In high school, he was Student Body President, Head of the school’s debating team and graduated as valedictorian. His entrepreneurial and business mind was evident early on and it wasn’t surprising when he topped his class to go on to excel at Marketing in college. His family were surprised he didn’t want to become a politician and they often joked that he was found in a cabbage patch because he was so differently minded to anyone else in their family, which were mostly school teachers or tradesmen.

He moved to New York after finishing college, and although he was close to his family, they supported him completely in his choice to seek the brighter lights of a big city. He started his own business which consisted of just two clients (family friends), but word of mouth as to his skills and dog-with-a-bone nature soon saw his services in high demand and his business growing rapidly. It wasn’t long before his marketing clients consisted of multi-million dollar companies and businesses, and his publicist skills were making stars in the blink of an eye. He now owns his own marketing and publicist company, Lewis & Co, which employs no less than 103 marketers and publicists with the same ambitious nature as himself with clients from all over the world, and with clients from all walks of life. He hired a CEO for the company so he could still focus on the raw job at hand and wouldn’t have to worry about running a company and still trying to do the job he loved and didn’t want to give up. In his position, he now has the luxury of picking and choosing which clients he wishes to represent, often seen to take smaller jobs for business or clients he can see with huge potential, setting the exposure ball rolling and making them successful commodities.

Shortly after he moved to New York, Aiden met Rian Ambrose, who was well on the path of her own success with creating her designer fashion label, Ambrosiare. The pair hit it off and have been best friends ever since. Romance was never on the cards, however, with Aiden having come out as gay when he was fifteen and never looking back. His sexuality is no secret but with Rian having high standards and little interest in dating, and both being workaholics, they forged a close friendship which often filled the gap for them when they were too busy to bother with the notion of seeking out romance.

In a recent turn of events, however, nurse and anaesthesiologist, Patrick Preston caught Aiden’s eye at friend, Luke’s, bar in Manhattan. Aiden was there to watch potential new client, Dr. Lachlan Campbell, perform, but by chance it was his best friend, Patrick, that had most of Aiden’s attention. Aiden was keen to meet the gorgeous nurse and despite soon learning Pat was newly diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis that left him fearful of being a burden in any romantic relationship, the pair clicked and soon became smitten with each other and started dating. It wasn't long, on a trip home for Patrick to meet Aiden's family in Canada where gay marriage was legal, that Aiden proposed to Pat on the spur the moment and they decided to elope on the spot. It was really out of character for Aiden, but to him, that's what made it so right and they haven't looked back. They now both live in New York when Patrick moved into Aiden's trendy Upper East Side apartment after they got married, which worked out well when Patrick's friends, Tara and Lachlan, with their baby son and Patrick's godson, Riley, also moved to New York for their work.

Aiden has a cheeky, bright personality with enough ambition and determination for a small country. He has a sharp sense of humour and knows how to have a good time, but work has always come first and he will do what it takes to get what he wants. He can often be seen quashing a small streak of insecurity he harbours now and again and has a tendency to not know when to stop. If you’re his client, he will give you his all but there have been times in the past this worked to his detriment until he learned how far he needed to push before stopping.

He believes that appearances count in an industry like his, so he is always presented immaculately with good quality, expensive clothing, and is never seen without his phone, laptop and iPad. Despite his work mostly getting in the way of his social life, he enjoys being with people and always harboured a want to meet a guy to fall in love with, though that was never much of a priority until recently, his usual tendency being to just fall in and out of brief and random casual sexual encounters that fit into his busy schedule.

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Aiden's world is the PSL/musebox, [community profile] dreamlikenewyork and all his RP is connected to that. Aiden or his mun can be contacted via his VOICEMAIL POST.

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